Asus ROG Strix GL502 – Thinner And Lighter Gaming Notebook

Howdy, first of all A Very Happy New To Everyone and I hope every one have excellent days and excellent years and make sure that you all enjoy your life amazingly. So now lets move to the subject now the Asus ROG Strix GL502 is really thinner and lighter gaming laptop. Well the designing of the laptop is really beautiful I would say because its simple designing and I prefer simple and beautiful designing always.

Now The Configurations Of This Laptop Are –

  • Quad Core I7 6700 HQ
  • 16 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 15.6 Full HD screen
  • GPU – GTX 970M
  • 1 TB hard drive

The display on this laptop is really good as you are getting a full HD display and quality of display is really good. The display is really good for gaming like playing doom on this laptop was really amazing and I did notice that colors of the games and resolutions were really amazing every thing is just perfect in sense of colors in the gaming specially in dark environment in games. After that you have front facing camera of 1.2 MP which is not really good and it is also really noisy but you can do video chat with that because that will be fine for video calling. The typing speed of keyboard is good but not very good but gaming experience with keyboards is really amazing, there is also back lighting in keyboards so that you can play or work in dark surroundings also.

GL502VS-19.jpg (935×1000)

Now I would recommend you to buy a third party mouse for gaming because the mouse of laptop is good but not for gaming you must use third party mouse that would the best option for you. Now the laptop is really good for gaming now many of new games are launching like battle field 1 has already been launched and many others like watch dogs 2 and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands these games will definitely run in this laptop. Now I would say that the all modern titles will run on this laptop without any problem and you might adjust with graphics quality but as I told you that after adjusting graphics quality you might play all the modern tittles. You might get some issues with fps because sometimes you might not get 60 fps but all over the gaming experience on this laptop is really good, I would recommend you to buy this laptop because this is really thinner and amazing laptop in terms of gaming and one thing which I found and I was upset with that, that is the heating problem if you play games for really long time the laptop gets really heated that what I feel to warn you before you buy this product because if you play games for really long time than you do not buy this product because it can give you heating problem.


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