Google Drive – Best Way Of Transferring Your Any Files And Keep It Safe

Howdy, hope you doing well. Now google drive is most crucial method of keeping your files safe. Mostly every mobile does have google drive but the people do not know anything about google drive, actually many of those who are still using google drive they knows the advantages of google drive but those who never ever heard about the google drive this particular article is only for them to guide the that how you can use google drive and how to upload your files into it and keep them safe.

Now firstly your mobile must have google drive, now a day every latest model is coming up with google drive. Now let me tell you the main thing which is really important for you to know is that google drive gives you free space of 15 GB, where you can upload files, or any important documents up to 15 GB only not more than that for free of cost. Now for one Gmail account you get 15 GB if you want to get another 15 GB for free you can make another Gmail account, you can make as many Gmail accounts you want to and load up to tons of data. Do not upload any data in google drive which is related to pornography or any bad thing, do not worry if you upload it you might not get blocked but I would never recommend you to upload any bad things on google drive because google drive is made for those who really need it professionally or want to save their documents, important work so that it can be safe and cannot be deleted. Suppose if you lost your mobile and you have saved your data on google drive and you can directly download all that saved data from PC/Laptop, or you can download it from any other mobile by just adding you google drive account basically its very useful.


Now as you can see that above images shows you the premium account, you can buy more space with premium account but do remember that the space will you would buy will only available for 1 year you have renewed that space every year. Now if you have a lot files and data to save on drive like your owned made music, videos which are really heavy files and you want to save it so that it cannot be get lost or you want full safety for it you can put you’re that file in google drive but do remember that file must not be more than 15 GB if you have free account and if you go with premium you have these options here so that you can upload up to 1 TB these are light premium account actually but if you have more 1 TB data do not worry you have more plans.


Now this plan is for those who are professionals for example filed related to video editing, game editing etc. as you know that video editing is really based on so much space because when the video get edit than the size of that video file is really higher like even 20 GB sometimes or if you are any games maker or game editor when the games get fully designed and launched with excellent graphics and all the size may go more than 50 GB that’s a normal thing now so for those heavy professional users you can buy up to 30 TB of space which means a lot because 30 TB is so high space that you even cannot fill the space but if you think that you have really highest requirement than you must go with that rather making so many of free accounts just go for 10 TB to 30 TB account if you’re really high space user.

Now you can see my screen shot of my mobile, normally every mobile does have this type of folder which is carrying google drive you can see that there are so many options like Gmail, Drive, YouTube etc. you have to just click on the drive.


After clicking on drive, you will come into your drive account just sign up with your Gmail ID if your asked for sign up, it’s really simple anyway. As you can see that I have already saved some of my important documents which are always there until I delete them personally.


Now you will see a blue plus circle just click on that, that’s actually for uploading scanning things.


Now you will see that you will get option first option is to create folders, where you can create folder and after entering into the folder you can directly upload or scan files into that, the files take little time if you net is slow because it does take much time sometimes for upload, I am using internet with speed of 10 MB so I can upload things very quick but if you have good speed the files get transfer to drive fast and for slow internet users I am sorry but it does take much time if you upload anything heavier like suppose if you upload anything which is like 200 MB or 1 GB and you internet speed is 200 KB to 500 KB than it will take some time.

Not only this if you want to transfer any file from desktop do not worry you can download drive official application In your PC and transfer as many files you want up to 15 GB in free of cost or you can also buy premium account as I told you if you want a lot space like 1 TB or more or another free method is that make a lot of Gmail account because 1 Gmail account gets 15 GB of free space so if you make 10 Gmail account you can upload up to 150 GB of data at 10 different places with 15 GB with one account which is also amazing I guess. So Hope you enjoy drive and upload many of pictures, videos, important documents and more.



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